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How We Recruit?

We take the following steps to ensure that you get the right person for the job when you reach out to us to fulfill your recruitment need.

  • We use our own up-to-date databank as well as publish advertisements in the national newspapers and social media handles to find people who are qualified for the position that we are seeking.
  • Our committee takes applications seriously and evaluates them in a way that meets the client's requirements.
  • The employer is able to review the CVs of the candidates who have been shortlisted and decide which candidate should be hired for the role.
  • We provide all the necessary assistance to make sure that the candidates are selected correctly.
  • 5. Only candidates who are found to be medically fit for foreign employment are sent for further visa process.

The candidates will be sent all of the necessary documentation within a few weeks and they will then be able to deploy within 3 weeks.

Please Note:

We are here to help all of the selected candidates with their paperwork.

*After we receive the visa applications, we will make all the necessary flight arrangements for the candidates.

*Ticketing and Immigration Clearance: In the event that the candidates are responsible for their own traveling expenses, the employer must still provide PTA. We will be able to procure the necessary Immigration Clearance from the Department of Labour and leave the country as scheduled.

*Orientation before departure: We make sure that all of our candidates are well-informed before they leave for their overseas trips. The orientation that new employees receive is comprehensive in nature, covering all the important details about working in that particular country.


*We take full responsibility for ensuring that our employees are dispatched in a timely manner, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

*TGRE will not hesitate to take back workers who are deemed unfit or unable by their employer.

Week 1
  • Client Inquiry
  • CV Collection
  • Draft legal documents
Week 2
  • CV selected by clients
  • Schedule Interview
  • The Legal documents are sent to the chamber of commerce and Nepal embassy for attestation
Week 3
  • Interview is Conducted
  • Offer Letter Issued and signed
  • After the legal documents are attested. pre-approval from the Department of Labour is received
  • Medical Test and Police Report get underway
Week 4
  • Apply for Visa at the Embassy of the Employer’s country
  • Obtain Labour Clearance for the candidates
  • Flight booking by the Client
  • Candidates depart to country of employment

The timeline presented is subject to the attestation of the legal documents at the Chamber of Commerce and Bangladesh Embassy.

Legal Documents

The documents that we need in order to be pre-approved by the Department of Labor are as follows.

All of the necessary documents need to be verified and authenticated by both the Chamber of Commerce and the Bangladesh Embassy.

    The main purpose of an employment contract is to protect both the employer and the employee from potential misunderstandings or problems during the course of their working relationship.
  • Demand Letter:
    The particulars regarding the categories and number of workers required must be included in the company’s official letterhead in order for it to be considered valid.
  • Forwarding Letter For Deman Letter Attestation:
    A forwarding letter is a legal document that confirms your demand letter has been properly delivered to the recipient. It also serves as an acknowledgment from you that the demand letter was received and read. This is important because it allows the recipient to decide whether or not they want to respond to your demands.
  • Forwarding Letter For Visa Attestation:
    A forwarding letter for Visa Attestation is a legal document that requests the credit card company to forward your account information and charges to another party. This can be helpful if you're moving, have lost your original documents, or need to temporarily change your contact information.
  • Agreement Employer & Rishona International Ltd.:
    It is important to brief the terms and conditions that will apply to both the parties in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Guarantee Letter to Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare & Overseas Employment:
    This letter guarantees that the workers who are mentioned will be working as per the documents that have been provided.
  • Power Of Attorney to Rishona International Ltd.:
    Authorizing the agent in Bangladesh to take care of the employer’s affairs.

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